Hi, I'm Andrea!

I am the owner and lead photographer (also editor, accountant, errand runner, and a thousand other things). I was born and raised in the small town of Mattoon, Illinois, where I still currently roam! I have been photographing for over the past decade. What started as a hobby led to being the photographer for the high school newspaper in 2011 to taking images for family and friends to being a full service business.

My passion is fueled by my desire to capture all those sweet moments. Growing up, we didn't own a camera, so there are very few images from my youth. I became obsessed with giving others those valuable memories. I believe in the beauty of the small things, the power of connections, and embracing life in this very moment.

I am a published photographer. I love traveling the Midwest and beyond to create beautiful artwork. I am highly dedicated to my client focused business. I do not simply photograph subjects, but rather the way the subject makes me feel. I value my clients and am always ready to create magic with them!

If you're looking for an inclusive photographer who will be your biggest hype woman, you've come to the right place! Capturing what you love is what I love most.

When I'm not photographing, you can find me at a metal show, enjoying sangria at a winery, cuddling with my animals, reading a good book, or seeing a horror movie at the theatre.

Fun Facts about me:

  1. I am always trying to stay caffeinated, and you can usually find me ordering a white chocolate raspberry or blueberry chai at a local coffee shop.
  2. I went to college for dental hygiene before taking the plunge into full time photography, so clients often joke that I'm "all about smiles."😂
  3. Music is a huge part of my life. It soothes my soul. My favorite bands are A Day to Remember, Amity Affliction, and Nirvana. I've survived many mosh pits in my day.
  4. I am always down for an adventure. I absolutely love traveling, seeing beautiful places, and making memories.
  5. I have 3 cats (Pika, Eevee, Theo), and two dogs (Mac and Archer).
  6. My favorite color is mauve. You'll often see me wearing my signature lipstick in this shade.

Hi, I'm Nev!

I am the "a-sister-ant" as I have coined myself. You will often find me at sessions doing video or behind the scenes work, shooting weddings alongside Andrea, working the photo booth, cleaning up around the studio, or running errands to keep things running smoothly.

My story is pretty similar to Andrea's since we grew up in the same household, but I didn't start following the photography path until two years ago. I am always learning, and I hope to apply the knowledge to my own sessions someday in the future.

Fun Facts about me:

  1. My favorite and signature color is pink, and my hair is often dyed bright pink.
  2. I have 2 cats, Lilith and Olive.
  3. I love anime, manga, and kawaii aesthetic. My dream is to travel to Japan one day.
  4. I am always down for a concert. Some of my favorite artists are The Academy Is..., Panic! at the Disco, I Prevail, and blackbear.
  5. I love to bake and hope to have my own bakery someday.

Hi, I'm Jesse!

I am Andrea's other half, and I have been supporting her dreams over the past seven years. I have been interested in photography since my teenage years, and even had my own camera for a while. I mostly photographed nature, but decided to join the team about three years ago to photograph weddings. You will often find me second shooting, doing video, operating the photo booth or taking drone footage at weddings. I am also currently training to be a photo editor.

Fun Facts about me:

  1. I have a pretty wide range of skills. I love working on cars, building computers, cooking, and occasionally taking on handyman projects at home or building props for the studio.
  2. I love the outdoors and hiking. The mountains are always calling my name.
  3. I enjoy manga and anime. Big fan of Junji Ito, One Piece, and Dragonball.
  4. If I'm not photographing, you can find me playing videogames, learning guitar, hanging out with the animals, or reading.



“Andrea did an absolutely incredible job capturing our wedding. We are beyond happy that we went with her to document our special day, she did an especially good job of capturing the little moments. I highly recommend her for any event!!!”